Sunday, March 24, 2013

Micro Fiction

These are all twitter length stories, as in, 140 characters or less. Some are meant to be funny, some scary, some are just meant to be. Some were posted on Terror Tortellini as well, all were posted on my twitter (@benfromcanada) Hopefully, you enjoy this little experiment.

Creepypasta Microfictions

My constant coughing didn't bother me, not even when I coughed up blood. When the blood started crawling away, however...

I woke up, saw men in surgical scrubs in my room, working on me. I figured it was a bad dream until I noticed the scar on my stomach.

I figured I'd be heartbroken over my dog's death. After a few bites, however, I was quite fine with it.

A loud bang. We figured someone dropped something & went on with our days. A stolen gun, no fingerprints. The killer got away.

They say our souls absorb a little bit of everything we kill. Eventually, it can overpower us. Think about that next time you step on a bug.

They said Jill could sleep through the end of the world. They were wrong by about an hour.

Comedic Microfiction

I once killed a man. The courts called it "justifiable homicide." The bastard just wouldn't Leggo my Eggo.

First they came for the guns, but I did not speak up, for I am not a gun. Then they gave me a better quality of life, & I was OK with it.

Sometimes when I'm at work I just zone & imagine I'm somewhere else for a little bit. At least I used to, before the malpractice suit.

I just took the angriest, most painful shit ever & now a copy of Atlas Shrugged lies in my toilet.


There is a cesspool at the entrance to my home town. I wish my parents realized what a bad omen that was & moved on. [This one is actually true, one of the major entrances to my home town does have cesspools right next to it. It's terrible to drive in.]

I'll never forget the time I heard what sounded like muffled screams coming from the trunk of dad's car.What an odd sound for a car to make! [Uncategorized because it's both scary and funny]

The government went from benevolent public servants to brutal cannibalistic fascists so gradually we barely noticed the change. [This one is also true, in a metaphorical sense, at least here in Canada, except a lot of us did notice. The 38% of the people who voted for our government are incapable of noticing.]

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