Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Full House Of Despair

All hope was lost in a poker game.
Despair was a full house, hope was a flush.
It was then that god abandoned me, and I turned to the devil I knew.
At least I knew that devil threw one hell of a party.
Wherever he went, happiness followed.

I tracked that devil's path through my veins again and again...
Anything to feel again.

To feel anything.

Even to worry about my hopeless state would be a welcome reprieve from apathy's grasp.
Relieving my problems with a needle became my problem. But why give a fuck?

Hope died long ago. I killed her myself.
Then Joy.
Then Honour, Virtue, Pride.
Killing, numbing, dying until nothing but me remained. An empty husk waiting to dissolve into dust. Dead inside, waiting for actual death.

HAHAHA! Just kidding! Drugs are awesome!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Contest winners

We read the winners of the contest we held.
Johnny reads a semi-dirty limerick.
Jenny reads song lyrics.
Graham sings a song.
Pan reads a poem.
Then I read a poem and we announce the winner. And I learn that drumming on my table doesn't sound like a drumroll.
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