Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions

1: I began 2011 in love with a lady I thought was wonderful. I moved in with her far too soon (December 2010) and didn’t didn’t really know how useless a person she was. I ended up paying all her bills for everything, while she did nothing around the house and due to her extreme laziness, lost her job and never found another one. I was excessively generous, taken advantage of, and incapable of seeing what was happening. It took until the end of June, 2011 for me to finally come to my senses and kick her out, and by then she had cost me several thousand dollars and drove me to the brink of poverty. So my first New Year’s Resolution (and really a lifelong resolution) is to never be taken advantage of like that again.

2: Related to #1, I will be more frugal. I’m setting strict limits on what I can spend on entertainment and luxury items (practically nothing aside from my internet usage) and sticking to them.

3: Also related to #1, I pledge to extend my skepticism to people in a more real way. I’ve become too trusting. I have to change that, else I may have another issue like I had last year.

4: I need to learn to be happy in my own skin. That’s pretty tough, so I’m going to resolve to, instead, start taking drugs. Or something. Drugs make you happy, right?

5: I’m resolving to become somewhat more polite and easygoing. Failing this, if you piss me off I’ll run you over with my van. It’s a fair deal, I say.

6: I pledge to update this blog an average of once per week this year, and to up the quality.

That’s about it, really. New Year’s Resolutions are kind of pointless and stupid, really. They’re always too vague and impossible to keep, not that anyone tries after January. In fact, aside from the first three, which I figured out a while ago, none of these are likely to last past February, when I turn 30. I mean, I’ll try, but no promises.

Happy New Years’ to all of you, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the "War On Christmas" retards.

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  1. All the best. Just a bit of surfing for for blogs to swap comments. My resolution is to increase the traffic on my blogs.