Friday, January 13, 2012


I've not posted a poem in a long while, but I had to respond to this nonsense accordingly. The title is Humanity>God

Christianity's no religion, or so I'm told,
A relationship with god that will not grow cold,
Too bad that's as wrong as religion is old,
A shallow falsehood that brings your masters gold.

Your god of ignorance destroys the poor,
Hates those who think, thinks all women whores,
Makes slavery freedom and ignorance bliss,
And you will lie to support all this?

Let's get this straight, when it requires faith,
It's called a religion, and that's what I hate.
Masturbate all you want with your witty retorts,
You've no real defence for your Lord,
Your Christ, you think he's so nice,
Who revels in darkness and despises the light.

Falsity's all you see from that man in the tree,
Who died before I was born but "died for me",
Who is one being, but is really three?
Quit deluding yourself, set yourself free!

If you love Jesus, you love his crimes,
Through the church he fights to keep us blind,
Opposes science, takes but doesn't give,
Suffers not a fag or witch to live,
And kills millions daily.

See, I used to be like christian,
I knew not what I was missing,
Missing the freedom to live guilt free,
To think, to love, without a deity
Giving permission, or making me hate
Those who didn't think my god was great

But back to the point, it's quite vital to mention,
Jesus and religion are the same phenomenon,
There is no god, he's just an invention,
Free thought is the cure, He is the infection.
Jesus says "Do", but when thought is done,
Those who are slaves pick up their guns,
They break their bonds, set themselves free,
The church is left with just bigotry.

This is happening already, we're catching on,
That's why the rebranding in sermon and song.
"It's a relationship with god" you say,
"The truth destroys every old god" I say,
You do nothing at all when you sit and pray,
You desperately cling to what we already slayed.

Your god is nothing, we are all above,
Quit worshiping hate, embrace love.


  1. Your post is so inaccurate. It is a complete misunderstanding of Christianity and God.. not to mention a complete denial of the truth behind science which is on the map of academia because of the Catholic Church.

    This "poem" is summed up: "I am angry with God and the Church. I cannot follow their rules so I will whine."

    1. Your post is summed up: "I can't argue on twitter so I will mock the poem you wrote in 10 minutes, and do a bad job of that too."

      Note that for a 10 minute poem, this was fucking awesome, and better than everything you've ever written, easily.