Friday, November 11, 2011

Pro-Life: Why So Non-Violent?

I thought I figured out the pro-life side of the abortion debate...however, my solution only brought more questions, troubling questions that I hope some pro-life person will answer.

Most of us pro-choice types figure that "abortion is murder" & other such phrases are hyperbole. No one is really silly enough to believe that a clump of cells in a woman's body is a human being...right?

Well, as it turns out, these people DO think that a fertilized egg is really a person. Perhaps it's through brainwashing, simplistic logic, or just plain bad information, but they believe it wholeheartedly, as recent pushes towards "personhood" laws have shown. So that explains why they're fighting so hard to "save" these "babies". But that opens another question.

We all know that there are some amongst the pro-life crew who would use violence to get the message across. We also know that, in developed countries, legal abortion isn't going away. I'm sure they know it too. They have to. They've lost almost every battle to restrict or outlaw abortion, & even the worst ideologues start to recognize patterns.

Now, if it were me, and I literally thought there are people who are legally allowed to kill babies by the truckload, and all attempts to change the law were destined to fail, well...I'd be taking the law into my own hands right now. In fact, if the propositions "abortion is murder" and "abortion will not be made illegal in our lifetimes" are both true, abortion bombing is the only moral route.

So that leads me to the question: why are you not bombing clinics, pro-lifer? Why are you not assassinating doctors? What will it take to make you start doing so?

If you do believe that abortion is murder & life begins at conception but you DON'T support any violence against abortion providers, then I've another question: do you really believe what you're claiming to believe? Or is it that the "saving the babies" rhetoric is a smoke-screen for your desire to control women and your wish to enforce your repressive sexual views on society as a whole?


  1. So I came across your post from another site, and since you seem to be interested in what we pro-lifers think I thought I'd let you know my opinion, which I've also posted elsewhere, and I believe that that this is an opinion shared by a lot of other pro-lifers, so hopefully it will give you a genuine flavour of the pro-life mindset.

    So, to answer the question - Why don't I bomb abortion clinics? Um I dunno, maybe its because I'm PRO-LIFE. As in, I believe everyone has a right to life. Not just babies. Not just people who never do anything wrong and never make mistakes. But everyone. Even the mothers that want to end their pregnancies, and the doctors that agree to kill their children. Everyone.

    And I'm so tired of hearing about this "repressive" view of sexuality that pro-lifers hold. Not every pro-life person thinks that sex only belongs in marriage, and should only happen when you want to create a baby. Just because we acknowledge that children are created as a result of having sex (and about 98% of abortions are performed on women who WANTED to have sex at the time), doesn't mean we think that having sex was the mistake. The mistake was having sex without thinking about what could happen, and not accepting the fact that an innocent baby could be created as a result of their actions, an innocent baby that does not deserve to have their life cut short because their parents "didn't mean" to get pregnant. Its a fact that sex creates babies, not a "repressive" view.

    Anyway, all the best and I hope I've helped you understand how some of us think :)

  2. I think its funny that alot of prolifers will claim non the name of "life" yet....they completely abandon women and their human right to life....hmmm what a quandary