Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pro-Life Violence and the Trolley Problem

I’ve had a few responses to my latest article, on facebook, twitter, and one comment on the actual post. I’m going to concentrate on this article by The Anti-Abortion Gang (which is a pretty ridiculous name by any measure) and the comments made by the Gang. I’d like to start by saying it sort of cowardly to not tell someone that you wrote something about them. Were it not for Dolce commenting on my blog that someone reposted, I’d never have been able to reply to this as I’d never have seen it. I’ll post a link to this article on that post, and tweet the Gang.

I find that the Gang’s rather rude response completely missed the point, not to mention it’s factually wrong. I’m not a “clump of cells” and neither are you. I’m a complex organism. This is not. Also, pro-life doesn’t care about life. You a very large percentage of you guys support war and the death penalty. I would have linked a source to both of these, but one only needs to look at the Roman Catholic Church and every prominent conservative politician anywhere (especially in the USA) to see this.

What I alluded to in my article is similar to the Trolley Problem. There are many variations, but all are essentially the same: You’re presented with a choice to doom one person or 5 (it’s always 1 and 5, it seems) by either hitting a switch on a train track or pushing a very heavy person onto the tracks. This would be the “fat villain” variant, where the fat person you’d push on the tracks is the one who tied the group to the tracks. Yes, you’d be killing a person, but you’d be saving many lives, although it wouldn’t be even close to 1/5…it would be 1/several hundred. It would be immoral not to act to save the lives of those tied down to the tracks. But doing something that won’t do anything is the exact same as not acting, and as I said before, abortion won’t be illegalized in anywhere that it is currently legal, at least not in our lifetimes. Peaceful protests will not make a difference. All evidence has shown that you’re fighting a losing battle. There has never been a country, to my knowledge, that legalized abortion then illegalized it through democratic means. So, the only real way to save “babies” that will work is, essentially, terrorism. It’s an unfortunate truth that terrorism does often work, but it still is the truth. So, if you were really pro-life and opposed to abortion, you’d be just like Scott Roeder.

But you’re not trying to save lives. That is made abundantly clear by the end of Anti-Abortion Gang’s post. This has devolved into tribalism, at least for the Gang and a few others. Pro-choice types are the bad-guys, pro-lifers are the good guys. I’ve heard things about how it’s hypocritical for us to not want to speed through school zones and run over kids. I’ve heard many say they wish we were aborted, and that only sluts are pro-choice (women who put out easily, men who would fuck such dirty whores). But again, my comment stands. Perhaps individual pro-lifers are OK with recreational sex and legitimately think they’re not opposing women’s rights by supporting the pro-life lobby. However, the vast majority are sexually repressive and at least somewhat misogynistic (note that the most outspoken pro-life organization, worldwide, is the Catholic church, which as an organization is more misogynistic and prudish than anyone outside of al-Qaeda) and it shows in your comments. Note that “slut” “whore” “easy” and “loose” are regularly tossed at pro-choice women, and pro-choice women are regularly told that if they don’t want to get pregnant, they just shouldn’t have sex. That is an attempt to control women. And even worse than this are the various personhood laws that have been proposed that outlaw birth control pills and miscarriage. Does that sound like controlling, sexually repressive and misogynistic? To me, it definitely does.

Note that I’m not trying to advocate terrorism. I’m glad you guys don’t really think that embryos and zygotes and whatnot are people. I just wish you’d be more honest about what you really think.


  1. "I’d like to start by saying it sort of cowardly to not tell someone that you wrote something about them. Were it not for Dolce commenting on my blog that someone reposted, I’d never have been able to reply to this as I’d never have seen it."

    OR.. you can check your dashboard under 'Traffic Sources' and see where your traffic is coming from. At least I linked to your post properly, which is more than I can say for the link you posted to mine.

  2. Odd formatting problem. It's been fixed.

    Good point on checking the stats. I'll do that in the future. Anyway, have you anything to say about the meat of the issue?

  3. Fetuses, for the most part, come into being after consensual sex. And for the most part, do not endanger their mothers life. They are, at one of the earliest stages of human development, the same stage(s) you and I went through.

    For some reason, you want pro-lifers to be violent. Why? We are against violence, and always have been. Killing doctors and bombing clinics isn't the answer to ending abortion. Creating a culture of life is. And we're doing that.

  4. 1: You didn't read my article if you think I actually want you to be violent.
    2: You aren't creating anything, especially if you're pro-war and pro-death penalty, like most "pro-life" people are.
    3: Fetuses don't endanger the mother's life? You need to read up on this. I mean it.

  5. Yes, actually you are. You can't seem to grasp the concept of a peaceful protest. The pro-life community is growing. Peoples hearts are being changed regarding abortion. For some reason, people are against dismemberment of the youngest members of our human race. I support a just war, this is not to say I like it. American service men and women attained our freedom by going to war, and continue fighting for it as needed.

    I also support the death penalty when justified. You support protecting the guilty, while killing the innocent.

    The maternal mortality rate in the US is low. Low enough not to warrant using the dangers of pregnancy as justification for abortion. http://www.nationmaster.com/country/us-united-states/hea-health