Saturday, September 3, 2011

Announcements, Updates

Hey all! So, I'm going to start with some fairly big news that you quite possibly already know. I have been added to the roster of Man In Black Reviews! In fact, as of this writing, my twitter feed is already added. Anyway, I highly recommend that you bookmark and/or subscribe to that site, and I also highly recommend you check out my new colleagues' work. Not going to make any suggestions, there's enough content that whatever you like will probably be represented in some degree.

On that particular site, I will primarily be doing retroactive reviews of Sword & Sorcery fantasy, though I will go "off topic" at some points later on. The first post should show up this coming Thursday, when an updated version of my review of the new Conan the Barbarian (complete with some opinions that have changed since I watched the film) should appear. I also intend to get another post up on Sundays, and as often as possible, get a weekly post up Thursdays and Sundays there, as well as at least 2 weekly posts on this weblog. The only interruption to this schedule is, unfortunately, going to happen soon. The reason for this is that I will be moving and taking on another job. I'll be out of town for a bit starting next week, after my time at my current job ends, then I'll return to tie up loose ends and leave northern BC for good. So, expect a temporary interruption of service.

Lastly, I'd like to thank those of you who have been reading this blog with some regularity, and ask that you share this blog and any articles you find interesting and entertaining with as many people as possible. Why do I ask you this? Well, aside from the obvious desire for more readers...I'm actually fulfilling a challenge brought to me by one of my anonymous commentators. See, I've seen a few of my articles get hit with a message from an anonymous person (I assume they're all by the same person) that I should make a difference. You know, in addition to the $200 I raised for cancer research earlier on (click the "charity" tag). Well, I will. I have a similar drive planned for this coming November, but I'll need more regular readers. More details will emerge closer to the beginning of November, but I intend to use this weblog for good more and more regularly, so please spread it if you like it, and show people articles of mine you enjoyed.

Oh, also, follow me on Twitter. That is all. Continue with your day.

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