Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fictional Bad Guys (Who Are Less Evil Than God)

Here's a fun little challenge to my fellow atheists. inspired by this two part video: Find fictional characters that are considered bad, or at least morally ambiguous, who are more virtuous than the christian god. See, it's actually fairly easy to find fictional heroes that are more moral than the christian god (Superman, Spider-Man, Cornelius from Planet of the Apes, Sherlock Holmes, Kenzo Tenma from Monster, etc.) but it might be interesting and elucidating to find villains and especially nasty anti-heroes that are less evil than the christian god. The reason I think this would be interesting and enlightening is that these types of characters are supposed to be evil (they're written that way)or at least they're supposed to have a morality that is troubling to most people. Meanwhile, the god that over 2 billion people worship as the perfect ideal of goodness, well...acts worse than many cartoon villains. This is designed in part to illustrate this point, and in part to just have some fun as theologically-challenged nerds.

So, here are the rules of this challenge:

1: Characters must be either a villain or an anti-hero. If they're an anti-hero, they have to be either Type IV or Type V, or a Villain Protagonist, to count.

2: You must make a case that this character's actions and possibly their motivations are evil. This should not be hard.

3: You must make a case that the christian god, Yahweh, is more evil than that character. Bible verses illustrating your point are recommended. This also should not be hard.

I'll get the ball rolling with 3 examples of my own.

The Punisher (aka Frank Castle)
Why He's Evil:
His whole gimmick is that he is a merciless killer. He kills criminals without remorse, and regularly tortures small time crooks for information. He's essentially a serial killer with good publicity.
Why He Isn't As Evil As Yahweh: Frank only kills bad people, and shows real remorse when he accidentally kills a good police officer (like in the movie Punisher: War Zone) or a civilian. Meanwhile, god took Jephtah's daughter as a sacrifice because Jephtah made a stupid promise (Judges 11:30-40), killed all the firstborn sons of Egypt, including babies (Exodus 12:29-30), and wiped out all of humanity, including babies and small children (Noah's Flood, Genesis 6-9). Also, Frank doesn't do anything to anyone after they die, while Yahweh lets Satan torment them forever.

Conan of Cimmeria (aka Conan the Barbarian)
Why He's Evil:
He's been a pirate, thief, mercenary, and assassin. He's killed countless people with sword, axe, and bare hands. His motives are selfish, and he lives for the kill.
Why He's Not As Evil As Yahweh: Well, for one, he opposes slavery, while Yahweh openly condones it. In fact, outside the movies, Conan has never been a slave, so his reasons for opposing slavery are rather altruistic. As he says in the new trailer for his upcoming movie, "no man should live in chains." Conan treats women well, brags that he's never had to force a woman to have sex with him, and looks down on those who do rape. Based on Numbers 31:15-18, Yahweh disagrees.
Also, Conan's wrath ends at death, Yahweh's is eternal.

Light Yagami (aka Kira) from Death Note
Why He's Evil: After discovering a book that allows him to kill people by writing their names in said book, Light decides to rid the world of evil-doers by killing them all...and making himself the god of this new world.
Why He's Not As Evil As Yahweh: At first glance, they're very similar. Both are megalomaniacs who believe themselves above all others, both judge people, both are Light and Yahweh are bona fide psychopaths, as are any who would act like they do. However, Light is slightly better than Yahweh. All but a handful of Light's murders are mostly painless and swift (heart attacks), whereas Yahweh is willing to drown people during the Great Flood (which is a painful and long experience), have bears maul kids (II Kings 2:23-24) , and burn most of the world and subject the survivors to a thousand years of "tribulation" (the book of Revelation). And of course, Light Yagami only kills people, he certainly doesn't create a lake of fire with which to burn people for an eternity.

So, what are some of your bad guys who are less evil than Yahweh?

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