Monday, August 22, 2011


So a friend on facebook mentioned that right wing Canadians are attacking Jack Layton on the day of his death. I searched on google and found this. I was only mildly surprised to hear about right wingers being so awful...but then I saw who did it.
Christie Blackford of the National Post belittled the public's outpouring of support. In one of our national newspapers. Less than 12 hours after the death of the man. I mean, I can honestly say I hate Stephen Harper, even I would wait at least a few days before saying such a thing.

Even worse, though, was this. Go ahead, read it, it'll only take a second. This classless asshole, editor of the Calgary Sun (the worst newspaper in Canada, bar none) had the NERVE to bring up the bawdy house allegations (never an issue in reality, used as a baseless smear against Layton earlier this year) the day of his fucking death. I'm sorry for the bad language, this person deserves it. And worse. I don't really have anything to say aside from that I hope both these classless bastards deserve to be fired.

Jack Layton was a personal hero of mine. I never met the man, but he inspired me very deeply. I worked for the local New Democrat campaign a few years ago (for candidate Brent Bush for Kootenay-Columbia, who later went independent), and have identified with the party ever since I matured, politically. That coincided with Layton taking the reins of the NDP. The man was a hero of the working class and will be missed. That's about all I can say without getting overly emotional...this is a sad day for Canada.


  1. The NDP….. People are dying to get out!
    I'm glad Brent got out before it was too late.

    You are right you are a true member of the NDP . Going forward on half truths.

    1) You have linked to the Toronto Sun, not Calgary.

    2)The write up itself was written in April. Look at the date in the web address and on the story.

    3)There is a very respectful story that was truly written today in the Toronto Sun.

    And look Rob Ford was elected Mayor of Toronto….. Oh wait that was 2010

  2. Hey, Anon.
    1: I know where I linked. See, the first link in that paragraph was to a post showing tweets from the editor of the Calgary Sun, which was posted today. The second link was the story he referenced. It could have been from anywhere that wrote about it, I chose the Toronto Sun because they broke the story. The point was that Dave Naylor made a tasteless joke about an old, equally tasteless story. I expect people to have a modicum of intelligence when they read my stuff. Obviously, not all who read this are blessed with Grade 3 reading comprehension skills.

    2: This is not about the respectful obituaries, it's about tasteless attacks. You know, like your little crack you made at the beginning of your post. Idiot.

  3. It has nothing to do with the Calgary Sun. Or are you to blind to see that? Just like your negative speech should and does not reflect the views of your employer. Seems like you a using a big paint brush on this one.

    I must have missed your write up when people did the same thing to Amy Winehouse. But then again you didn't like her, so it was ok in your book.

  4. I only mentioned the Calgary Sun because he's the editor there. He's kind of high up in the organization, and was commenting on the news, therefore, it does have something to do with the Calgary Sun.

    Yeah, Amy Winehouse was a different thing. Singers and politicians affect our lives in different ways, and I'd say Layton had a more profound effect on Canadians than Winehouse did to her fans. That said, I'm pretty sure I was more angry at the media frenzy that her death attracted less than 24 hours after the deaths of many more people in a more violent fashion at the hands of Anders Breivik. I'd never try to attack anyone who had just passed, but 1 dead singer is not as newsworthy, to my mind, as dozens of murdered children. Was there a major terrorist attack the day before Layton passed?