Sunday, August 14, 2011

Answering Miss Raissa's Question (And Asking A Few Of My Own)

There's a lovely lady who has gotten the atheist twittersphere all a-twitter (sorry). Her name is Raïssa Nkuba or Miss Raissa, and she's known for her anti-gay, "pro-life" and very christian tweets. She posed a question to us non-believers, and I intend to answer it. After the jump, of course.

At first glance, this is nothing more than Pascal's Wager. However, I'll answer it exactly like she asked it, because I'm nice that way.
Unbelievers do you ever wonder what will happen if hell is real? Doesn’t it ever concern you?

Well, no, I don't really wonder what will happen if hell is real. I generally concern myself with more pressing issues. As for whether "hell" concerns me...that depends. Which version of hell are we talking about? Some christians believe hell is "eternal separation from god". If that's what it is, well...I don't like the "eternal" part, but I'm separated from god now, and I'm fine with it.
Other christians believe the Lake of Fire is just for demons, and we humans just cease to exist if we don't go to heaven. That would almost be preferable to heaven, really. An eternity of anything would be torturous after a long enough time, even if heaven is an unending acid trip combined with unending orgasms and none of the drawbacks of either of those things.
As for the Lake of Fire hell...well, sure, that would suck. But again, I don't feel like the evidence supports the existence of any afterlife at all, hell or otherwise. It would be like asking me "what if Megatron was real?" The consequences of that would be horrendous.

She also asks us this:

By believing in God what exactly are you losing?

Well...for one, I'd be giving up a lot of my time, and energy, and some of my money to your religion. So there's that. I'm sure I'd also lose the respect of some of my atheist friends. And I'd have to give at least some of my ability to think rationally and logically.

Anyway, I said I'd ask you some questions, so here they are.

1: What if YOU are wrong? There are numerous other religions out there, some with horrendous consequences if true. So what if, say, Islam, which has Jahannam for christians, is true? Or Buddhism, where there's Naraka? Or what if the gods value skepticism? Perhaps the gods devised this world as a test, with no evidence of any god. Those skeptical enough to be atheistic or agnostic go to heaven, and the rest of you go to hell. What if that was the truth? We'll just ask about those three. What if you're wrong about Islam, Buddhism, or that third hypothetical possibility?

2: Raïssa, you said you don't hate gay people, and that you don't support gay marriage. I asked you on twitter, you said you'd blog on it, and so I'll ask again here, formally. See, when some people have a right (and marriage is a right here in Canada, where we both live) and others don't, it makes those who don't have that right (as in, gay people) "second class citizens" by definition. So, with that in mind, how can you oppose gay marriage without hating gay people?

3: Do you have a secular argument against gay marriage? That is, an argument that Canada should re-outlaw gay marriage that does not involve religion at all.

Looking forward to your response!

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  1. Dawkins says there are some people you just can't get through to. Raissa is one of them. She doesn't even have the mental capacity for understanding the kind of science required for demonstrating that gods don't exist. It's over her head and she puts walls up because of it. She said that atheists like to use and hide behind intellectualism when they claim god isn't real.