Friday, July 29, 2011

Right Wing Politics: Based on Hate and Greed

Two news stories have been dominating my mind lately. The obvious one is the massacre on Utøya island in Oslo, and to a lesser extent, the debt ceiling debate in the USA. These two stories, and the reaction to them, reveal two important things about the modern world. Firstly, it's clear that more has to be done to stop this neo-fascist right-wing nationalist movement in Europe. Even an outsider like myself can see that the rhetoric has always been excessively heated, and even the mainstream nationalists are dangerously extreme (remember, these people are advocating the deportation of millions of people for not being white). Secondly, the North American conservative movement is built on hate and greed, and fueled by fear. Click the "Read More" link to see how they are every bit as bad as Anders Brevik is, if not worse.

Perhaps you're skeptical about my claim regarding hate. Make no mistake, conservatives in North America, or at least their leaders, are rank hate-mongers at the best of times. Here's a sample of what a few prominent right-wingers have said in response to the tragedy at Utøya:
  • Canada's national shame, Mark Steyn, blamed multiculturalism for a racist shooting "race traitors". Note that Steyn regularly ascribes violence from radical Muslims to Islam in general, yet a violent, radical conservative is an anomaly, a theme we'll hear a lot here.
  • Bill O'Reilly claimed that Brevik isn't a christian since christians aren't about violence, but that all the radical Muslims who advocate violence are true Muslims. This coming from a man who wished death on UN workers.
  • Pat Robertson, of course, said essentially the same thing, but in a slightly more dickish manner.

In fact, it's so bad that AlterNet was able to compose a list of the Top 8 Dumbest, Most Insensitive Right-Wing Reactions to the Norway Shooting which included many others who I didn't list here myself. And the less said about the FreeRepublic reaction, the better (hint: they think Brevik, much like Obama, is a covert Muslim). Granted, Islam doesn't make itself very likeable in many Western eyes (and I am no fan of Islam, any more than I am of any religion) but conservatives would have issues with Islam even without any terrorist attacks because they're just too different from the western conservative norm. Social conservatives are uncomfortable with anything other than white, heterosexual patriarchate christians who speak the language the majority of the people in their country speak. Anyone disagreeing with me would have a hard time proving their case. After all, who's always trying to limit immigration? Who has turned "godless liberal" into an epithet? Who are the people most willing to make women and homosexuals second class citizens due to limiting reproductive and marriage rights, respectively. And don't think I'm just picking on Americans here, our own Stephen Harper tried to pretend that Bill C-38, the act that legalized gay marriage here, was illegitimate since the Bloc Quebecois was the only party that supported it 100%, and then tried to amend it just to prevent gay people from being allowed to use the word "marriage" to describe their unions.

But what about greed? If you've paid any attention to the recent debate on the debt ceiling, it's between Democrats, who want to raise the debt ceiling while making some spending cuts, and Republicans who want to make much more significant cuts (mostly hurting the poorest people via cuts to social programs) and avoiding any sort of tax hikes on wealthier citizens or businesses. There's also the idea of a "tax holiday", expertly dissected (amongst others) here. But the thing that's important here is that if this isn't decided by August 2, less than a week away, the U.S. government may well default, thus essentially ruining the world's economy. Let me rephrase this: the conservatives in congress are so hell bent on losing any money to taxes that they'd just as soon destroy the whole world's economy rather than raise taxes on the wealthy back to pre-2000 levels.

And how do they get any support from people who aren't bigots or excessively wealthy? Fear mongering.

Is it any wonder that sane people have such disdain for the right wing?


  1. You are still a moron...

  2. When the poor start voting maybe the politicians will actually change. It's their job to get elected. If you don't make negative changes to the people who vote, you will get elected. It is how the system works. Maybe fear pays a small part but it's all what people choose to believe. I compare it to the people who decide to buy into the world ending claims every year. Faith goes a long way to not decide to buy into the fear. Besides I am a capitalist at heart anyway. Take away the social programs I am barred because I make to much money and I like tax breaks.

    You are always taking about how atheist you are and how religion is so bad.I'm not saying that religion has always been the right answer.
    All i see is the fewer and fewer people that decide to not follow a christian religion and more and more people getting murdered over stupidity and greed. If the answer is not religion the answer is providing a better moral compass some other way, but it is always "someone elses" responsibility. In fact most people blame schools and or government,

    So after all this I have a challenge for you. I want you, Ben Dobson, to make a difference and then report in your blog. You provide a lot of opinions, time to make a difference rather than just complaining.