Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Racists Are Pathetic Part 3: Pure Evil

Some of you may know of my youtube channel. On it, I uploaded the following video in response to the Nazis and Holocaust deniers on the internet. (Note: I did not make the video, more on this video and its contents can be found here.)

Very recently I got some comments from a person who I think may be the single worst person I've ever encountered on the internet. More after the jump.
About 10 hours ago as of this writing, a twat named deatman9 posted 2 comments on this video. The first is sort of average for a mentally deficient Nazi Holocaust denier (OK, the "mentally deficient" part is redundant.) It goes as follows:
doesnt this seem strange to anyone? like im no holocaust denier but i know how jews do things. They bend and munipulate the truth to gain pitty. And like if the holocaust was a hoax isnt this a perfect thing to release if your trying to convince other wise? like in this himmler doesnt even seem to talk like a person i quote " the jews are being exterminated everybody will tell you there being exterminated the extermination of jews is part of our plan? why would he say that so much? who talks way
Now, this is quite a common tactic for any extremist who knows their opinion is looked down upon. "Now, I'm no Holocaust Denier, but let me tell you why the Holocaust didn't happen." But on top of that, anyone with a passing knowledge of this clip (including anyone who read the translation on the video) knows he was reprimanding his officers for their actions, specifically, for being a bit too nice to the Jews they were trying to eliminate (thinking there are some good Jews) and stealing from the Jews. Anyone who has been part of a group that has been reprimanded by its leader (or one of its leaders) will be familiar with this style of reprimand: he tells the people he was addressing why they're doing what they're doing, and the necessity of doing it this specific way. It's not something that's uncommon, but it's really all this guy can grasp, other than "THAT'S NOT HIMMLER'S VOICE!" which is always offered without an example of his speaking voice that would prove this point, or "ausrottung doesn't mean kill!" which is plain wrong.

His second comment, however, pissed me off. I will bold the bit that drove me to extreme anger.

anyone have a new found respect for this man?[Heinrich Himmler-Ben] i sure do. You can hear how much trouble the jews have given them. And the part where he yells that no man should gain anything from this its just very very respectable

Now, let me be clear. I am not a violent person, in fact, I can accurately be described as a pacifist. However, when I read that comment, I was overcome with a desire to punch this asshole's face until either my fist or his head disintegrated. What kind of human being would say, or even think such a thing? This is the type of situation where we need new, filthier swears. The best way to describe this is to combine all the swears one knows in unnatural ways. This little cunt-dripping shit-fucking bastarding scrotum-chomper believes that a man who admits to, and orders, a GENOCIDE is an admirable guy because he told his men not to steal from the people they were killing? And he's not even telling them not to steal, he's telling them to steal, but to give it all to HIM. What the fuck is wrong with this little anus-dangler's head?

I mean, aside from the fact that he's proving whoever said that anti-Semitic Holocaust deniers think "the Holocaust never happened...and I hope it happens again!" absolutely right, and aside from the fact that he's patting a dude on the back for telling people not to steal...and aside from the fact that he's ascribing some pretty awful things to fucking CHILDREN...and of course, aside from the fact that he's pretending all 16 million Jews are horrible, lying assholes...this guy is justifying a genocide. And calling it "admirable." Because "You can hear how much trouble the jews have given them". Right, because no one was ever angry for insufficient reasons before. No one ever made up stuff to demonize a group in order to justify horrendous actions before. Jesus Horsecock Christ-punching Fuck, dude.

What is wrong with this world? How do people like this exist? And yes, after I calmed down (relatively) I did check to see if this was just a troll, and no, he's not. His youtube channel has evidence that he's been spreading this kind of hate for a while now. (and yes, I should tell you to be nice to this guy, even though he deserves all your hate and more)

Seriously, I hate the fact that people like this are alive. This fact was almost discouraging...but then I realized something. This type of person can not survive in the real world. No, deatman9. You can't. You can only let your real self out when you know no one can hurt you, because you know that the entire world is against you. You and your hateful ideology have been exposed for the scared, disgusting and pathetic relics of our species' past that you are. And guess what, fucko? If you ever try to do anything with your life that might bring some scrutiny to your personal life, well, you done fucked yourself over. You aren't really that anonymous and racism is a wonderful way to ruin a political career, tarnish an actor's career, or make everyone fucking hate you, thus limiting networking capabilities.

So, you lose, assbag. You and your hateful brethren are on the run and running out of time. No, this isn't a threat to your physical wellbeing, nor am I asking those who read this to hurt you in any way. I am stating a fact. Your ideology is dead and gone.

You, and all other racists, are pathetic.


  1. You are just as pathetic

  2. I love how the first coment is basically someone going "Oh, yeah? ... YOU TOO!!!" and then, I imagine, Anon ran away crying.

    No, darling, there is no such thing as something as patetic as a holocaust denier/racist, they are the lowest we can be, idiots working with the part of their brain that goes "They are not part of out tribe! They'll harm us!" insted of the racional evolved one and yeah, Ben is right! Thouse people are already rejected by any form of actual evolved society, so how is he as patetic as someone who whole argument to why the Holocaust didn't happen is "Oh, thouse jews, they lie all the time!"?

  3. I told the fool who wrote the original message bout this post. Who wants to bet that the first anonymous comment was deatman9?

  4. A holocaust denier isn't necessarily racist. It's like a cross dresser isn't necessarily gay.

    And more to the point where I found this on TGWTG the title claimed Racism to be evil. Racism is not evil. It's simple stupidity and fear.

    By no means is it nice and god forbid anyone has racist or hateful comments for the people I care about of a different race or creeds than myself.

    But in a general term Racism isn't evil it is fear turned to hate by brainwashing/upbringing or blatant stupidity.

    And in general you shouldn't care what anon says because they will spout anything because people can't see them.

  5. ummm did you not read the post no body denied the holocaust idiots

  6. Did you read the body of the Post? He was trying to cast doubt on the holocaust story in that first post.

  7. Lol u got mad at text on the web, brah.