Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Poetry Wednesday: H and

This is a poem from a chapbook I got half done. Each poem was titled after a letter of the alphabet, meant to represent a word starting with that letter. This one is the entry for H. I entered it in the current poetry contest for, a site I just joined. Do I recommend it as a site for aspiring writers? I'll have to give that a tentative "yes". Their moderating policies are a bit...authoritarian. However, most of the people there seem fairly decent, and it's a good place to get your work critiqued and learn how to critique, meaning you can learn to critique your own work. So, give it a go. Just be sure not to ever link to any other site, because for some reason doing that at all is a big no-no.


Burned then frozen.
There I lay in Lover’s Lane,
Heartbreak Hotel said I overstayed my visit.
So I move on, go long, get a touch down and so on,
Then all of a sudden the molten ice that was me saw
A thing more watchable than TV.
More poetic than a rusted shut trunk, who’d have thunk
Those tight denim overalls would be enough to melt my snowballs?
After all, a month without sex is like a month without air and love smelled sweeter than my new queen’s hair.
So we walked and we talked and I rocked with my cock and it was over.
In depth investigation through conversation
Showed what I already knew
I’m a Retriever, she’s a Dalmatian.
Tough luck, but she was a good ****.
Frozen again, back at the Hotel with the other heartbroken slobs,
Miserable people is what makes hell Hell.

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