Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Racists Are Pathetic Part 2

This is the worst political ad ever:

Some quick commentary:
1: Have these assholes never heard of Scared Straight? It's not like it was a famous or successful program or anything...
2: Why the hell did they use Che Guevara's picture in that ad? Hell, most of the pictures just strike me as weird. Charles Manson is associated with gang violence how? Cult violence, sure, but gang violence?
3: If this was a publicity stunt for turnrightusa, it was poorly conceived. Their site was down down for almost a day due to excess traffic (I found this through Roger Ebert's twitter feed last, then looked up the site and found it to be down). It actually just went back up as I started writing this.
4: Turnright's site has this to say about the program:

Janice Hahn (D, Los Angeles City Council) increased gang violence by using taxpayer money to hire gang members! They were supposed to be “gang intervention specialists”. Instead they continued their robbing, stealing, raping and murdering, all the while laughing behind Janice’s back!

To make matters worse, when two police officers arrested some of Janice’s “gang intervention specialists,” Hahn bailed the criminals out of jail and applied pressure to get the police officers fired from their jobs!

Help us STOP Janice Hahn before she is elected to Congress, goes to Washington D.C. and makes things worse! We don’t need an idiot like Janice Hahn in Congress. Congress has enough gang-bangers already!

Now, it turns out that one (not "some") of the leaders of this intervention program was arrested in 2009. His name is Alex Sanchez. He was charged with federal racketeering and made bail in early 2010. The case is ongoing, and he hasn't been convicted as of now. It is certainly not "robbing, stealing, raping and murdering", it's "possible racketeering". Meanwhile, Homies Unidos, the organization Sanchez was affiliated with, has an otherwise sterling reputation, and has been an important anti-gang organization in LA for over a decade, which is why Janice Hahn decided to start working with them. Of course, conservatives don't care about the successes, if they're affiliated with a liberal in any way, especially if we're talking about latino immigrants or black people.

It's good, at least, that Hahn's opponent, Craig Huey, has called this out for what it is. But as the Republicans turn more and more extreme in their conservatism, will ads like Turnright's ad become the norm? Let's hope not.

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