Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poetry Wednesday: The Rubber Band

The rubber band,

Strongest of all office supplies,

Is invincible.


I think I can break it!

I stretch it and stretch it,

But it won’t break!

Just when I think I got it,

The pain and humiliation

Of a woman’s slap

Fills my fingers.

That’s it!
I must kill it!
But in the most painful way.

Oh I’ll make you break,

Just wait and see...

You’re young and full of hope,

But I’ll break you

You’re optimistic about your future,

But I’ll break you

You’ve done nothing wrong,

But I’ll break you

Constant stretching and pulling will wear you down,

Oh I’ll break you all right.

You’re starting to fray!
No one will help you now, little rubber band,

You’re on your own

And now I know your weak spot.

Now you’ve snapped,

Your confidence,

Your love of life,

Your hope,

All gone.

But I’ll continue pulling at your ends

Until my insatiable hunger is pleased

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