Monday, May 16, 2011

Racists Are Pathetic Part 1

Granted, this is probably an obvious fact to most of you, but I like the title. This is titled "Part 1" because, undoubtedly, I will find many, many other examples of racists displaying their pathetic nature.

Recently, I came across this video:

In the last couple of months, this monstrosity has gained at least 50,000 views between the various reuploads.What this video does, really, is highlight just how pathetic these people truly are. Pathetic on an intellectual level, anyway. In reality, racism is an actual, tangible threat, as shown in this article. That's why I'm making this post: To point out how foolish, pathetic and just plain whiny these people are. Click the read more link, please (don't want to make this too long so people have trouble scrolling)

Let's actually look at the video itself. The message is one that, if you're not paying close enough attention, is hard to oppose. I don't like the idea of one group of countries being forced to have all the world's immigrants, while the rest of the world has no such rules imposed on them. I certainly don't support white genocide, or any genocide for that matter, nor do I like the idea of slandering people who campaign against genocide. But when we think about these things, we see that no one is actually saying that only white countries should have immigration into them (this is what we call a Straw Man Fallacy). It isn't even true that "white" countries have more immigrants coming into them, as shown by NationMaster. Note that of the top 10 countries with the highest net migration (as in, most immigrants coming in compared to migrants leaving the country) only 2 European countries are listed (Spain and Ireland, #8 and #9, respectively). And of course, their definition of "genocide" is a particularly loose one, one that allows for immigration and "race-mixing" to be compared with the violent massacre of an entire people.

Which brings me to the major point here: Despite the upswing of support for far-right, anti-immigrant and racist ideologies in the west, these people are desperate.
So, they've done the best they can to get new followers by obscuring the message and outright lying, capitalizing on an inbred sense of xenophobia most people have to further their agenda.

There's nowhere you can see this more readily than StormFront. To many of you, the place is already old news, but most people who aren't racist steer clear of the place. The motto of the site is "White Pride, World Wide" and it's almost eery how much these people have borrowed from Political Correctness in their discourse. They aren't "white supremacists" they're "white nationalists", they aren't "racists" they're "racialists" or "race realists", they aren't "holocaust deniers" they're "holocaust skeptics" (that one really gets to me, as a legitimate skeptic), they don't support "hate" they support "pride", it's not "anti-Semitism" it's "anti-Zionism". It's all an effort to rebrand the white supremacist movement to people who are conservative but not especially hateful or racist, because they know that despite the recent increase of support, they still are seen as loathsome idiots, at best.

Getting back to the video, the worst part of it is the inherent whiny-ness of it. These people, born and raised in stable and economically powerful countries, know that many immigrants are asylum seekers running from real war, real genocide, and yet, in the white racist community, immigrants are labeled as "invaders" and accused of genocide themselves. It almost sounds like a rich Valley-Girl type getting grounded for a week and comparing herself to Aung San Suu Kyi. It is inherently ridiculous, and yet these fools need these lies to be unchallenged in order to survive. If you do challenge these beliefs, unless you buy their fallacious reasoning, they disengage. If they have the power to, they will prevent you from discussing any further (when I made a comment about how no one wants for only white countries to allow for immigrants, I was blocked). And when we tell these fools just how racist they're being, they cry about being labeled racist. To go back to the Valley-Girl analogy, this is like the grounded princess calling anyone who pointed out her histrionic complaints "unreasonable fascist baby-killers".

To sum this up, yes, you are racist. There is no white genocide, and no, there is no race problem, there is a racist problem. The Final Solution to the Racist Problem is for racists to grow up and get educated.

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