Monday, May 9, 2011


Greetings, and welcome to my new weblog (oh, how I hate the word "blog". It should be stricken from all languages everywhere, upon penalty of light scolding and judgement). In a way, this could be viewed as a "Mother's Day Gift". See, I made a call to my mother for, well, Mother's Day, which was yesterday, and expressed a personal opinion in a manner that some may call "erudite". She commented that I should be writing rather than doing my current job, I figured she was right. I had been toying with the idea of beginning another weblog, one which would, at the very least, allow me the freedom to express myself while possibly entertaining and/or enlightening others, and she gave me the push I needed. So, thanks mom!

You may notice the URL of this weblog. Socialist Atheist Nerd Dude (abbreviated to SAND). This is an attempt to get something resembling a decent name attached to this baby, while letting my biases be known. And I am biased. While I try to overcome my biases whenever necessary, I do not deny they exist. However, I should explain that while this weblog will cover politics and religion, I'll try to make sure that there's something for everyone here.

I do use the word "Nerd" in the title, and that may scare off those who don't like political or religious discussion, but it really shouldn't. "Nerd" is a sort of catch-all term these days. It can be, and is, attached to any form of entertainment one can imagine. One can easily stereotype the word "nerd" to mean an overweight manchild who is obsessed with collectibles and children's movies...however, if you change the word "movies" to "games", does that not aptly describe sports fans? Likewise, no matter how "nerdy" your favourite show, movie, book series, etc. is, there is fanfiction written about it, there are message boards about it, and there is merchandise of it that people cherish as much as I cherish my old Star Wars toys. So, we're all nerds, in some way. And using that excuse reasoning, I can, and will, write about just about anything here. This is in part to avoid staleness, and to allow me to continue updating whenever my interests change.

One other thing you should know is that this little corner of the internet will be dedicated to free speech. I encourage comments and discussion, and no one will ever be censored. In fact, the only time comments will be moderated will be when personal information is leaked without permission, or if you're a spambot. Spambots get no rights.

This post will be updated when I have more content to include posts that new readers should read before anything else. And by that, I mean "popular posts that you may enjoy that may convince you to follow this weblog".


  1. I hope you stick with it. I will look forward to reading it. Though I don't agree, there is no such thing as a hockey nerd.

  2. Ok, but "blog" is a perfectly cromulent word, Ben.