Friday, May 20, 2011

Help my friend's charity drive!

Before I start the actual post, I'm going to ask you to do something I never thought I'd ask of you: forward this post to everyone you can. I don't have a lot of readers at this point, and I'd like this campaign to be a success. So please, spread the word.

If there is a god, I'd say he was giving me a sign. Shortly after getting the news that inspired this long post about death, I received a facebook message from my friend Tamara. She is shaving her head for charity, and I'd like to help her out. The donation link is here.

The charity this is going to is the Ft. St. John Hospital Society, specifically, funds raised will go towards a new digital mammogram machine. We are building a new hospital in our city. The current one is quite old, and given our growing population and the many smaller communities around ours that depend on our medical facilities, the new facility is desperately needed. This new hospital will include a cutting-edge cancer testing and treatment facility, which is why Tamara is participating. This region (northern BC) is vastly under-served in this respect, with cancer patients often having to make costly trips to the other end of the province to receive treatment and testing.

In addition, Tamara's luscious locks will be made into a wig and given to the charity Wigs For Kids.

Since I truly want this charity drive to succeed, I will match all donations, up to $100*. The shaving of her head will take place on May 28, 2011, but the charity donation page will remain open until June 10, 2011. All donations $20 and up are tax deductible.

Thank you very much for your support, and please, pass this page around to everyone you know. I lost my grandmother to cancer, and know several others who have had their personal lives devastated by this horrible disease, so this a bit of a personal thing for me.

*This number is subject to change. $100 is the most I can currently afford without having to default on any bills, so barring a personal financial crisis, it won't go down...however, if I come into more money before the donation deadline expires, I will be able to increase my commitment. Thus, the asterisk. If I had more to give, I would, but I'm not made of money...and if I was, what a horrible existence that would be! Always having to watch your back, never able to trust your friends not to take a piece off of you to pay their would certainly give a new meaning to "costs an arm and a leg"...why is "I'm not made of money" even a phrase?

EDIT: Thanks to all who contributed. She raised a total of $1052, $200 of that came from online donations. Special thanks to Obscurus Lupa who promoted this charity over Twitter. Check her out here:

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